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Sucessful Marriages are not a matter of good chance or a luck of the draw, but the result of careful attention to very important steps taken in the right direction.  For this reason, basic "instruction" of marriage forms the basis of real success and allows couples to  avoid side stepping into the polar opposite result of "destruction."


A great marriage is the product and result of two mature  adults who desire to understand,  attain and fulfill the purpose of the marriage relationship. The complex nature of the marriage relationship does not allow good intentions as sufficient to achieve success. In order to prosper successfully in any endeavor, you must grow and master in its learning and instruction before you embark in the mission. 

We have found that marriage is similar to flying an airplane where ninety-nine percent of men and women would suffer a horrible wreck due to lack of proper instruction, guidance and training. A great part of the Save Your Marriage program is practical advice and counseling from the world's best and experienced teachers. The ancient wisdom of choosing instruction should always precedes the foolish opposite path of waiting for destruction.   






Marriage joins a man and a woman together to  form the greatest team ever assembled in order to achieve one of life's highest purpose,  the existence of family. No wonder that the separation and divorce of such an amazing  union causes the greatest pain and harm  known to mankind. 

The perpetual vow to co-exist in the bond of love until "death do us part," called covenant, would serve to benefit the fruit of this union, our children, forever. It is those courageous men and women who fearlessly fight for the marriage union who will bless the coming generations forever by creating strong family structure. The fragmentation of every past civilization can be traced to the deterioration of the marriage union. A man and woman's neglect to this basic cell and human connection serves to destroy the foundation of other greater institutions such as Family, Church and Civil Society. Men and women who strongly commit to marriage produce strong families which are the heartbeat of a prosperous community and the very foundation of a great nation. These men and women become the strong hope of every future generation, and without hope, despair, anguish and pain are sure to follow. 

  • What is Man?
  • Who is Woman?
  • What is Marriage?
  • What is Family?
  • What is Love?
  • What is Divorce?
  • What is Healing​?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Why am I So Angry?
  • What Now?
  • Fresh New Start?
  • Greatest Advice?
  • Follow the Leader?

Get Connected

Blog and Testimonials

Every month Save your Marriage publishes the S.Y.M. Newsletter, with great insight and information containing articles, practical advice, and words of wisdom to encourage and help men and women cultivate strong healthy marriages. In addition to S.Y.M. resources, we will also provide materials and event information from our partners and affiliates. Through this newsletter you can ask questions and seek the advice you need to address a particular situation and receive precise details to your specific marital problems. 


Getting connected with Save Your Marriage becomes a very rewarding life-time work that continues to extend to other generations, across the street to neighbors, across the city to strengthen communities, and reaching as far as nations and affecting global economies.

As you connect with Save Your Marriage you will become part of something greater than yourself, helping to answer the greatest heart cry of this generation. The miracle of  saving marriages will impact entire sectors of people everywhere, both small and large.

As this outreach grows we will be able to continue to expand and teach basic principles & approaches to enhance marriage for men and women as they grow in their capacity to flourish, promote, collaborate and facilitate the saving knowledge of helping marriages thrive both locally and globally. We know a myriad of men, women and corporate entities believe and  understand that a healthy marriage serves to  largely contribute and many times precedes every other successful endeavor any human can undertake.  


There is nothing more inspiring and powerful than real life examples of ordinary men and women who share their miracle stories.... 

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