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The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH falls utterly short in delivering the true and lasting joy sought out by both children and families. Save Your Marriage has chosen to sponsor World-Changing Conferences and events that deliver the essence of joy and peace by addressing issues that restore the home.  A wonderful part of these marriage conferences is addressing the despair within the heart of every man, woman, boy and girl and quenching the longing and thirst of the difficult conditions at home between Mom and Dad.


The well known ancient proverb, "parents are a child's true glory," can be seen in the deep depression suffered by children of divorcing parents. It has been said, "If parents only knew the pain and hurt experienced by their children during the divorce and separation process, they would never have taken a step in that direction." With each divorce, the fallen countenance of man shows forth incredible deep depression and anguish of the soul, barely surviving the emotional toll and loss of family. Years of therapy, counseling and healing can be avoided by attending just a few daily sessions.

Every World-Changing Marriage Conference is filled with the excitement of very   dynamic, interactive and fun-filled exchanges giving every participant a chance at preserving the future prospect and reward of a long lasting, healthy marriage relationship.

Soon every city in the world will have the opportunity to welcome the yearly visit of LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH Marriage Conference in their local communities with the sure expectation of renewing, refreshing and restoring the most important treasure and fortune a man could possess---HIS FAMILY.  

Many have no choice but to continue seeking the fleeting pursuit of temporal happiness in the next performance or entertainment, but those who attend events sponsored by Save Your Marriage, will invest in the perpetual joy of storing up wisdom and true riches by enhancing their marriage relationship.

Coming Soon:

Join and celebrate the gift of marriage.

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