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Love And Respect

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs teaches in an easy-to-understand way the science to how men and women think, and the wisdom- based principles by which we can have a truly fulfilling intimate relationship.




"Being able to invest Time, Talent and Treasure into building a strong marital relationship is part of the Save Your Marriage Philosophy.

Hombres de Valor

One Voice Productions

​​This amazing video was produced in 1998, powerfully inviting all men in the Spanish speaking world to return to the call of being men of valor. Remaining in first place in the bill board musical charts of both Central and South America for over three (3) years the images resonated with the heart cry of so many who had suffered from the absent father epidemic. 

Financial stress, Infidelity and Divorce run rampid in any culture that is absent of men of valor. This powerful song makes a strong appeal for men to return to their calling to guide, guard and govern their homes. Only in eternity will we find out how many men heard and saw this video and returned to their homes in reconciliation.

Sharing this video with your Spanish speaking friends can be the tool for powerful witness opening up the opportunity to invite them into God's healing and restoration.   


Daniel Beaty​​

This small clip is a powerful illustration and rendition of the effects of Separation, Divorce, Neglect, and Abandonment. Listen as Daniel Beaty artfully expresses the reality of losing his father at the age of three and living into adulthood with deep regret and painful agony.

The effect of fatherlessness carries deep hurt from generation to generation causing long term irreparable damage, loss, and alienation in all future relationships.

The loss of a father or mother figure in early childhood could become the basis of tattered and torn sentiments of loss that can continue to linger for several decades.

May we never lose sight of the devastation and travesty of the greatest epidemic of modern times, "broken families."  

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