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We've all heard the dauntingly horrible statistic: 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. No one wants to be a cliché, and everyone wants to find themselves among the 50 percent that beat the odds. What if every couple understood that every difficulty, hardship and test that came your way as a married couple served only to enrich and enhance the depth of your love and commitment?

At the end of every test, a husband and wife are able to examine different aspects of their relationship. Like gold and diamonds that are made more precious and valuable by enduring the fire and heat of furnace, times of testing will come to prove the worth of the marriage union. Being able to see every adversity as an opportunity to unite and pull closer together, tests serve as the greatest blessings in disguise. Finding ways to turn valleys into pathways toward the next mountain top can become the challenge behind each hardship. 

Turning that frown upside down is the chance each test allows you to experience. Would you seize the moment, even if it meant taking an unpleasant look at the reality of your relationship and digging in to repair the damage?.


Seeing a marriage relationship whirl out of orbit into a great big mess seems to be the case rather than the exception.  In good times, your spouse was your safe refuge and rock but now it seems a nightmare prevails. As the hurt and tension of betrayal becomes worse and worse, you draw close to friends trying to fill the void and emptiness left by the abandonment and infidelity your spouse has caused. The memories of past intimacy seem to be a taunting reminder mocking any future hope of recovery. Nothing seems to heal the deep hurt and agony felt by the loss of companionship and embrace by the one who promised to never leave nor forsake the marriage covenant. 


The invitations to start up another relationship serve only to suggest that your marriage was not worth fighting for. It's an offer that real friends would never encourage you to entertain. Even the best of partnerships are messy, challenging, and often send you near to the brink of giving up. Every truly worthwhile relationships will require extreme effort, diligence and consistency to overcome all odds. Be part of the solution and defy those nasty odds by holding on until your mess becomes a powerful message.


Every trial becomes the place where facts are proven and witnesses testify of events which occurred in order to find truth. The various trials that occur in our marriage relationships serve only to reveal the depth of our true love and commitment. It is during difficult trials that one is able to draw from the deep wells of the heart and soul to defend and advocate for those things which are truly worth while. If we see our various trials as an opportunity to perfect our marriage and develop true character we shall welcome each trial.

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